Groundwork Counselling Services



Individual therapy offers the opportunity to identify and deal with the psychological, behavioural, interpersonal and situational factors that are impacting your life. Our therapeutic approach is cooperative, practical, and non threatening. Treatment is customized to fit your needs and focuses on your goals.

Jennifer is highly trained and experienced in a number of therapeutic interventions. Her specialties include (but are not limited to):

Anger Management Assertiveness Training
Communication and Conflic Resolution Depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress
Grief and Loss Support Intimacy and Sexuality
Life Transitions Stress Management
Abuse and Trauma Situational Problems (e.g., work issues, financial difficulties)
Couples/Marital Issues Addiction (Substance & Behavioural)
Parenting/Family Distress Borderline Personality Disorder (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy)


Relationships are the foundations of our lives. Couples/marital therapy can help build strong, balanced, healthy relationships that are based on respect and love. Couples therapy is different from individual therapy because the couple is the client. This process focuses on establishing a safe forum for communication and goal setting. The dynamics of the relationship are explored while balancing the needs of each individual. Jennifer has extensive experience working with same sex and heterosexual couples.

What you may gain in couple's therapy...

A new understanding of communication and essential tools.
Understanding your personal needs and the manner in which you seek fulfillment.
How to recognize and modify destructive relationship patterns.
Identifying and letting go of the relationship power struggle and imbalance.
Re-establishing intimacy and connection with each other.
Conflict resolution
The languages of love and how the needs of both partners can be met.
Discovering healthy personal boundaries that will support you and your partner.
Unique issues associated with same sex relationships.

Family Therapy

Every family is unique and operates within a customized system. Therapy can aid in identifying the complex, dynamic, and often overwhelming issues that exist within this system. A therapist may work with an entire family or some combination of its members to achieve established goals. Practical insights and solutions are generated to rebalance the family and deal with issues, patterns, and conflicts.

Possible issues that may be dealt with in family therapy are (but not limited to):

Developing a greater understanding of yourself and the role you play in the family
The needs of the family as individuals and a whole.
Communication skills and healthy conflict resolution
An understanding of power struggles and balance within the family.
Boundaries and the role of assertiveness
Identifying core destructive issues and patterns
Crucial goals and expectations of the members and the family
Dealing with separation and divorce
How to support rather than enable an addicted family member